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About Brain Center America

Brain Center America is a scientific society specializing in the field of neuroscience. Building on very recent scientific discoveries, our experts in the fields of psychology, medicine and computer science have developed a revolutionary new brain gym for training the brain and keeping it young, healthy and vigorous. The NeuroActive brain training program features interactive multimedia software containing fun exercises whose benefits are optimized via artificial intelligence.

The company was founded by a group of neuropsychologists and physicians and is directed by a MD.

The headquarters of the company are located in Florida, USA.

Mission of Brain Center America

To provide our clients with the best solutions for promoting brain health, psychological and emotional balance—solutions that have been developed by professionals and rely on the most recent scientific data.

Brain Center America Team

Scientific Board

Dr. Jean-Philippe Marquis, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephane Bergeron, M.D., LMCC

Dr. Dan Bergeron, M.D.


President and CEO:

Dr. Stephane Bergeron, M.D.

Executive Vice-president:

Isabelle Dube, BBA, MBA (c)

Scientific director:

Dr. Jean-Philippe Marquis, Ph.D.


Dr Stephane Bergeron, MD,

President and CEO

For over twenty years now, Dr. Bergeron has been interested in neurosciences, more specifically in training programs that improve cognitive function and brain performance. A Laval University (Quebec, Canada) medical graduate, Dr. Bergeron has practiced medicine at a university hospital for over 10 years. Active in his colleagues’ professional development, he has been invited to speak at over 300 conferences, presentations and seminars in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Dr. Bergeron quickly rose to the positions of Department Head of the Family Medicine Teaching Unit and Director of the Emergency Department at both the CHUQ and the CHUL, two leading university health centers.

In conjunction with his medical career, Dr. Bergeron is also a successful entrepreneur in various fields: he created and chaired a computer company, as well as a laser hair removal enterprise that quickly became the leading hair removal company in America.

Two of his companies were listed on the stock exchange, and he chaired an innovative international medical equipment company in France and in Canada.

One of the companies led by Dr. Bergeron developed a medical device for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. As a result, he keeps in close touch with those affected by the disease, their families, and the associations that support them.

He has also established strong relationships with many physicians, research scientists and political decision-makers from several countries dealing with this issue.

Dr. Jean-Philippe Marquis, Ph.D.

Scientific director

Dr. Marquis has an expertise in clinical and fundamental neuroscience. He has done his graduate studies at Laval University’s School of Psychology and at the Robert-Giffard Research Center. He also maintains scientific collaborations with the School of Psychology of Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. Dr. Marquis has published many scientific articles in specialized scientific newspapers.

Dr. Marquis is also a psychologist and member of ‘’Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec’’. He has developed his expertise in clinical neuropsychology at the ‘’Institut de Readaptation en Deficience Physique de Quebec’’, a readaptation center affiliated with Laval University.

Isabelle Dubé, BBA, MBA (c)


Mrs. Dube possesses a particular expertise in international business. Before working for Brain Center International and Brain Center America, she shared her knowledge in her field working in the United States (Boston) and in Canada with various public and private firms.

Mrs. Dube studied in the United States and Canada. A graduate in International Business from Bishop’s University (Quebec, Canada), she is currently finishing her MBA in International Management at Laval University(Quebec, Canada).

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