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Improve your Brain with NeuroActive®

Developed by a team of neuropsychologists and medical specialists, the Neuroactive® brain-fitness program improves both your brain and your life with a diverse array of fun and easy brain exercises that revitalize every aspect of your cognitive, psychological and physical health.

Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to customize your training, Neuroactive® stimulates 16 key functions, optimizing your brain for memory, processing speed and vital skills like the ability to remember new faces.

NeuroActive’s® powerful brain-training, anti-aging program helps keep your gray matter sharp and youthful. Based on cutting-edge science, it’s a natural, no-side-effects way of delaying the onset of age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s.

Think you’re too busy? Just three 15- to 20-minute sessions a week deliver quick, long-lasting results. To save more time, you can even fit NeuroActive® into your cardio workout, maximizing your free time while you optimize your brain!

Available in both PC and Mac formats, NeuroActive’s® patent-pending software improves your brain while giving you a healthier, more active and balanced life.

Neuroactive®, The Scientific Brain-Training Program

The most recent neuroscience confirms it: Like your muscles, your brain can grow stronger, sharper – even regain its youthful vigor – no matter what your age. The bad news: like your muscles, too, lack of activity can make your brain slow down and grow weaker. Fortunately, you can fight back with a scientifically-developed brain stimulation program that targets various brain functions to significantly improve its performance.

That’s where we come in.

Developed by Brain Center International in collaboration with medical specialists and neuropsychologists, the NeuroActive® brain training program includes all the elements required for top cognitive, psychological and physical health: brain and physical training, nutrition, emotional balance and lifestyle. NeuroActive® is much more than a sophisticated brain gym limited to memory exercises: It’s a holistic new way of life that unleashes your brain’s full power so you can think, work, play – in short, live -- better than ever.

What exactly can you expect? The NeuroActive® brain training program is based on the most recent neuroscience, which shows that scientifically-engineered brain training can provide:

    1. A higher performing brain for all ages –slashing years off for older folks
    2. A 20% gain in memory performance
    3. A 20% increase in brain processing speed
    4. Measurable results within weeks, that will last for years


An Ideal Addition to a Regular Exercise Program

Busy schedule? No problem: NeuroActive® was designed to train your brain while you work out! More than just saving time, a combined brain/body session takes advantage of the increased oxygen, glucose, and blood flow to the brain that happen naturally during cardio exercise to help you get more out of your cognitive training. Whether you set up a laptop by your stationary bike at home, or train on a specially-engineered NeuroActive® Bike at one of the growing number of gyms that have partnered with Brain Center America, you will quickly benefit from the mind-body workout synergy that only NeuroActive® offers.

A Complete Brain Gym that Trains 16 Brain Functions

NeuroActive® is scientifically designed to optimize your brain by targeting the following key functions:

1. Processing speed
The speed of your brain to analyze and respond
2. Selective Attention
Ability to detect specific targets
3. Hand-Eye Coordination
Ability to produce specific hand movements based on visual cues
4. Visual Scanning
Ability to search for information in your field of vision
5. Inhibition
Suppression of inappropriate responses or distracting stimuli
responses or stop distracting stimuli.
6. Cognitive Control
Adjustment of behavior according to context
7. Planning
Ability to organize behaviors in a coherent sequence to achieve a goal
8. Behavioral Flexibility
Ability to change focus and modify behavior based on changes in the environment
9. Working Memory
Ability to keep information stored in active memory in order to complete an action
10. Arithmetic
Ability to understand and perform mathematical operations
11. Episodic Memory
Memory of personal events and related context
12. Temporal Order Memory
Ability to remember the order in which items appear
13. Visuo-spatial Skills
Ability to analyze and understand space in two or three dimensions
14. Temporal Perception
Ability to determine the duration of events
15. Word naming
Ability to produce language and maintain conversation
16. Semantic Categorization
Creation of groups based on similarity of concepts