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The Myths of Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles as Brain-Savers

Many people think that doing crossword and Sudoku puzzles will do the trick in keeping their brains healthy and warding off Alzheimer's. But research suggests they're probably not enough, for two reasons:

First, they affect only very specific thinking processes. For example, crosswords only train a single brain function, known as semantic memory, out of a total of dozens. So doing Sudoku and crosswords would be like working out only your biceps or abs; these exercises don’t do all that much for the rest of your body.

Secondly, the levels of difficulty in puzzles like these aren’t sufficiently customized. Only exercises that truly challenge you without being too hard can help your brain function move to a higher level.

In short, for an all-around healthy brain and nimble mind, you need a variety of exercises focused on all your functions and designed to push you. NeuroActive® provides exactly this kind of stimulation. Click here to learn how NeuroActive is a complete brain gym.